Learning Log – Wikis

Posted on: December 5, 2012

Why Wiki?  Wikis can been a great asset to your classroom.  In fact, Wikis can be the center of your classroom!  Wikis can help to increase organization, communication and collaboration.  What’s great about a Wiki is it provides unlimited storage for digital materials.  Wikis can be used to summarize lessons, post notes, collaborate on projects, house individual assessments, and so much more!  Here are a few examples I’ve found of Wonderful Wikis.

Here’s an example of a great Wiki for Early Childhood.  This kindergarten Wiki is full of  online activities students can play or worksheets parents can download to reinforce topics taught in the classroom.  There are discussion pages where the teacher has posted a question and children have written a response. There are links to other online resources such as National Geographic for Kids and pictures of student work.

Visit this Elementary School Wiki  to see how a second grade teacher incorporates technology.  Students are sharing what they are learning with individual pages.  There are pages for every subject area with links to topics under each that show what and how the children are learning as well as interesting related information.  Mrs. Ibrahim has organized each of her pages by posting the alphabet and a related word (that leads to a link) for each letter.  This teacher has also created a School Wide Wiki to share information.

This Middle School Wiki serves as a resource page for parents and students at Lovett Middle School.  Technology information is provided so that parents have access to teacher’s calendars, test calendars, Edmodo, and more.  This is another example of a school wide Wiki that promotes communication between home and school.

This High School Wiki , “Greetings From the World” is an international collaboration.  Students from around the world submit virtual postcards to this Wiki.  This Wiki is an example of peer learning and collaboration as students post their work for others to enjoy.  While created by a high school teacher in Croatia to share about her country and inspire others to do the same, this Wiki is open to all ages and curriculum.  Students are learning about different areas around the world, not through a textbook, but actual people living there.  What a great way to promote global awareness!


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