Hey…Let’s GLOG!

Posted on: November 17, 2012

I’ve recently learned how to use the program, GLOGSTER.  This is an on-line multimedia poster that incorporates text, images, and videos that can be used to introduce lessons, present information, and engage students.  GLOGs are easy enough for students to create, too.  Below is my first GLOG.  I’ve created this GLOG to use with my senior level Early Childhood Studies class for our unit on Conditions Affecting Children’s Health.  In this unit, we address the content standard: “Describe chronic health conditions of young children.”  This GLOG is about Asthma, a common childhood condition.  It includes a video describing some personal stories about living with asthma, a video describing asthma, images depicting the medical condition, statistics,  children using inhalers, and additional important information.  In my classroom, I plan to use this GLOG to spark student interest and introduce this health condition.  Students will use a screen cast to learn how to make a GLOG and then will create their own GLOG about a different chronic health condition affecting young children of interest to them.  I think using GLOGSTER will allow my “digital generation” of students to creatively express their own understanding.  And, because my students are all studying to become teachers, this is another opportunity for them to interact with learning technologies.


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This glog demonstrates an excellent use of this to in creating an engaging, interactive poster on childhood asthma!

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