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Posted on: November 10, 2012

Do you have fond playground memories?  Remember the carousel, swings, and see saws all on top of a bed of rocks?  Remember the bumps, bruises, and broken bones that resulted from them?  Visit a playground today and you’ll probably find a more foam-covered, rubber matted experience!  Some say those bumps, bruises, and broken bones caused on a playground are a “rite of passage” and we’ve instituted these “safety playgrounds” to avoid a lawsuit in this litigious society.  But others note that many of us grew up without wearing seat belts, yet we’d never dream of allowing our children to ride in a car without one!  Safety-emphasized playgrounds allow children to explore and expand their physical and social development while minimizing injuries.  Of course, nothing replaces adult supervision!

Click Here to see a Flickr Slide Show I’ve created to use in my Early Childhood Studies II class for the unit, Creating Quality Child Care Environments.  In this unit we address the content standard,Apply safe and healthy practices that comply with recommended guidelines” as we evaluate playground safety.  Students will look for evidence in the play equipment to show it is age appropriate using information from the National Program for Playground Safety found at: and evaluate the fall surfacing with help from tips found at:

How do these playgrounds compare to the ones in your childhood memories?


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