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Posted on: November 5, 2012

Flickr hosts a plethora of opportunities for use in the classroom!  Why not use photos from Flickr for writing prompts or storytelling with slideshows?  I often display a photo with a question as students enter my room as a warm-up.  This serves as an anticipatory set and gives students a preview of the lesson of the day.  Teachers can organize photos and create groups to encourage collaboration within the classroom setting.  Students can use Flickr to create digital portfolios and showcase their own work.

I’ve created my first Gallery of pictures using Flickr simply entitled “Classrooms.”  Here is a collection of photos of classrooms around the world.  Anytime, anywhere learning is taking place, it is a beautiful thing.  These photos remind us of the power of an education.  These classrooms serve as windows to the world.  It begins in a classroom.  In my classroom, we talk about what it means to be an effective teacher.  We talk about how the learning environment affects the learning.  These photos could be used as a great starting point to introduce a variety of topics from what education looks like in different countries, to what does this classroom possibly say about the teacher’s philosophy.  What does your classroom say about you?


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Such powerful photos of classrooms! One can do much self-reflection about their philosphy on teaching and learning.

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