Why do you teach? Need some inspiration?

Posted on: October 29, 2012

Why do you teach?  Need some inspiration? Let’s face it.  As teachers, it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated about what we do.  The day to day demands are physically and emotionally draining.  And, summer is SO far away!  I’ve found some teacher blogs to cure the teacher blues and re-energize your drive!  Following teacher blogs can give you that fresh perspective and new ideas you can use right away.  Check out some of my suggestions below:

Try THINK, THANK, THUNK at  This high school teacher in Iowa, Shawn Cornally, provides humor and insight on his blog.  Shawn Cornally has an impressive resume.  He’s not only a math and science classroom teacher, he’s an entrepreneur, lecturing professor, mentor, writer, and an inspiration.  Read over his credentials and check out the video of his speaking engagement at  This is a great link for teachers to be inspired and understand their impact beyond the classroom walls.  If you’re looking for practical solutions, he’s got that, too.  He not only shares his thoughts on Standards Based Grading, but he also provides a link to Blue Harvest; an online grading system helping to provide feedback to students.  He created it and it’s free!  Check it out at For dozens of lesson ideas for teaching calculus, go to  Mr. Cornally openly shares his lessons and activities.

Click here for the best advice I’ve ever heard for a new teacher:   As her tagline suggests, the purpose of Greta Sandler’s blog is to share “reflections, ideas and thoughts” from a teacher’s point of view.  She share’s personal accounts of interactions with students that portray her love of teaching.  These heartwarming stories (like Jack’s provide inspiration for teachers.  I believe all teachers want to make a difference in a child’s life.  Greta’s blog is evidence of this.  This blog also provides a link for how to begin blogging with your students.  It’s full of resources that can get you started.  There are links to student samples, links for getting parents engaged in blogging, and child friendly links about internet safety.  Click here:

In my quest for websites that will inspire teachers, assist them in creating their own blogs, provide creative ideas to use in the classroom, and push them to further their own professional development, I’ve found another blog worth sharing.  As a fellow University of Maryland alumni, this may be my favorite!  Here, Matt Ray shares his thoughts as a special education teacher at his blog,  His posts are enlightening and entertaining.  Matt Ray has shared his views on education reforms in the United States using satire in Arne and the Alien,  This five part series challenges you to stop and reconsider our decisions, as a nation, regarding education.  Like most great teachers, Matt Ray willingly shares helpful resources. is an example of this.

Following educators blogs and creating your own educators blog allows you to share resources, inspire others and be connected with others who understand the professional demands of teaching.  In an often  underappreciated profession, blogs can help you find your voice.  Professional development seminars developed at the school or county level are often a canned approach to disseminating information deemed important and necessary by others.  But, through the use of educators blogs, one can create their own professional development.  Find out what YOU need to know to be successful.  Blogs can provide the ideas, resources, and advice needed when you need it.  I’m hoping by sharing my blog, I can inspire my coworkers to create their own and do the same.  This may be someone else’s inspiration to discover the influence we as teachers can have beyond the classroom walls.



3 Responses to "Why do you teach? Need some inspiration?"

I love the story about Tom. It is so easy for teachers to get caught up in the daily craziness of assessments, conferences, and assessments that sometimes we forget we have this amazing power to touch a student’s life the way Miss Greta touched Tom’s life. This is a great piece for teacher’s to read and reread throughout their career as a reminder of the power we have. I plan to share this with the teachers that I work with. Do you plan to share this with other educators as well? How did this piece make you think and feel about the children hat you work with or have worked with in the past? Thank you for that great motivation! Heather Bailey

Heather, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I love Tom’s story, too. I think that this is one of those stories I will share with my students who are planning to be teachers as a reminder of just how much impact a teacher can have. It sounds so cliche, but when you’ve touched a life, as Miss Greta did, you remember why you are a teacher. – Melissa

That is a great article to ahre with future teachers! You are right when I have moments like Miss Greta had with Tom is outweighs all the stress of the job and makes me reflect on why I chose this career.

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